That Dandy Dandelion

Looking into end of summer preparations for our lawn for next year, I came across  information about the best way to rid your yard of that most pesky of weeds, the dandelion. I remember as a kid, my parents, were very particular about their lawn, the removal of dandelions was a must. No one with a well kept yard would have dandelions. It had to be perfect.

This year, and believe me my yard as an adult is far from perfect, this year, however, I noticed something strange going on with the dandelions. As I was looking out my window down upon those scattered through out our lawn, it looked as if they were moving. Well I was beginning to think my eyes were playing tricks on me, when I took a closer look and realized Monarch Butterflies had landed on the dandelions in my yard. They were refueling and being the dandelions were the only source of food this early spring, they found those pesky weeds to be a God send.  Shortly there after, young deer came into the yard and found the blossoms to be a great treat.

So instead of striving to have that perfect yard, without a weed in sight, maybe let an area go just a bit natural and you may be surprised of the true beauty that may show up.

Afterall, someone told me once that a weed is just a flower out of place.

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