Seeing Clearly by Stepping Back

Oftentimes when we want to see something better we step in closer and focus intently on what we are looking at. This may work well if what you are focusing on is a small object and you are trying to discern it from its surroundings, however, what if what you are trying to see clearer isn't an object but situations and obstacles.
This year has been a a year on shifting and changing on scales I never imagined. As someone stated, I did a lot of house cleaning this year, and I am not talking about my actual house, although that is need of a serious excavation project.
Anyway back to the emotional house cleaning. This summer witnessed the ending of friendships and working relationships. Going through these emotional episodes you  sometimes doubt yourself, wondering maybe if you had done something wrong. But when you step back, remove yourself from the situation and  look at it clearly and not through our subjective vision the truth will rise allowing you  to see the situation in a new light. You can then see that every thing happens for a reason and that oftentimes, this eruption had been in the making long before you realized it. Patterns begin to emerge that maybe you were too close to see before and that when you are able to look back you may see that the ending of a friendship or any relationship, ended long before you realized and that the eruption was your ability to see the patterns and speak your truth. Not saying situations like this are not difficult and causes us to question ourselves, but situations like these, are opportunities for growth and gaining the ability to trust in ourselves what we know is right and to stick to that not matter what outside influences may be working to cause us to doubt ourselves. The truth will always set you free and knowing and gaining the strength to trust that truth is a lesson worth going through the pain to learn. So when you find yourself in a situation you are so deeply consumed by, step back, quiet your mind, and "listen" to the truth as it comes to you more clearly as you step out of the situation.

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