Its not ADHD it's too much coffee!

For the longest time  blaming my inability to focus for more than 15 minutes on the premise of adult ADHD, allowed me the use the excuse why I couldn't help myself from fleeting from one task to the next with out getting anything done.
However, unfortunately, I found that was not the problem. Could it be because I drank a pot of coffee every morning? Naw! Unfortunately YES! I discovered this fact while attending the Women Writing the West Conference in Albuquerque this October. I  had time only for one cup of quick hotel coffee every morning It was amazing, how I was able to function from 6am until 11-12pm every night. My mind was clear and I was no longer falling asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon. After returning home, I disciplined myself to one cup of coffee a day-and it worked. My mind is clear and I am actually able to focus and accomplish more because I am not flitting from one thing to another like a sparrow hunting for seeds, hopping from one place to another.
A friend sent me the wonderful coffee spell for the mornings. Whether you subscribed to "spells" or not, the intent behind the words is beautiful. Not to mention the nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger taste so good. As you sip your coffee in the morning, try not to spend our precious morning hours stressing about all the tasks and worries of the day, but visualize a happy and beautiful day. Creating our day on a positive note, by simply sipping a cup of coffee is pure magic!

Morning Coffee Spell
Empower the supplies with energy
Add cinnamon to the ground coffee, saying: "Cinnamon’s for vision , money, and love."

Add the ginger, saying:

"Ginger’s for strength when push comes to shove."

Add the nutmeg, saying:

"Nutmegs’ for vision good fortune, and wealth."

Kiss your fingers and hold them over the coffee and spices, visualizing your love flowing into the coffee, and say:

"A kiss keeps you happy and glowing with health."

Move your hand in a clockwise circle over the coffee and spices three times to blend the energies together, then proceed with brewing the coffee as per your usual process.
Drink the coffee visualizing happy and wonderful day!

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What a lovely post! Saving this one as well as sharing once I get home. :D