I'll have to wait until my husband gets home! WHAT!!

In addition to the phrase, "you don't need to buy that" the set of words that makes me bristle like an upset porcupine, is the phrase, "Well I will just have to wait until my husband gets home from work to look at, or fix what ever it may be" My husband gets up at 4:00am and works hard until 3:30pm. The last thing he is wanting to do is work on anything when he comes home, so over the last 26 years, I have taken it upon myself to "fix" some of the things some women may wait for the husbands to do. The results are typically successful, although it does take me longer to figure it out, but it saves time and in some instances money.

A couple of years ago we broke down and purchased a new dishwasher. The previous dishwasher faithfully served our family of four for over 15 years. With two small children and a home day care for three years, hundred’s of bottles, sippy cups and toys were washed. However, within a short amount of time the new dishwasher didn't work as well as it should.  I discovered ways around the little glitches, similar to Fonzie and the Jukebox. This last one however, was a bit more severe. I didn't buy a dishwasher to have to redo the dishes and the problem was becoming more apparent to the point it couldn't be ignored. The thought of having to pay a  repair man to come in was out of the question, so with the wonderful world of all appliance knowledge at my fingertips, I Googled, "How to clean drain basket on Kenmore dishwasher" and lo and behold, my very own instant repair man or in this case repair woman
Cleaning the Dishwasher.

Although this dishwasher is slightly different from my own, the simplicity is very close. So I opened the door and removed the bottom shelf and studied the way my drain basket was attached. I figured it out quickly and carefully removed it. I didn't force anything so if is didn't come out easy with very little tugging I tried something else. The drain basket released and what was left behind was akin to a horror movie. If I hadn't known better, I thought we had washed a cat!

I carefully removed the drain basket and the rotating arms, cleaned them all up like new and replaced them. Now make sure you have your drain arm back in secure. After running a short wash with vinegar, I noticed I had not replaced the drain basket as securely as it should have been. It did not cause any problems. You will notice this when you check your dishwasher and it has not drained completely. Often times you just need to simply slide the basket until it “locks” in place. Please be aware the heating element with be very hot-good indication when you open the door and you hear sizzling! Simply slid it into place and presto- dishwasher good as new.

 So ladies the next time you feel you have to wait until your husband gets home, take the time to Google information, have faith in yourself and see what YOU can accomplish.

I quickly called my husband and told me he owed me $75 for the repair. We will work out the details later

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