Are You The Mother of Dragons?


Game of Thrones on HBO has taken the world by storm.
If you have not stepped into this gut wrenching, heart breaking journey and you are wanting to see what everyone is taking about, you MUST start this series from Season One. In Season One we are introduced to Daenerys Targaryen.

When placed in situations we have no control over, by our actions or the actions of others, we have two choices.
 1. To place ourselves in a position of entitlement and a refusal to accept things as they are
2. To accept the situation and while embracing the obstacles around you, you will find yourself rising above and mastering the situation. Take the time to learn the lessons that are around you.

 We Meet Daenerys Targaryen (Contains Adult Language)

Never feel you are better or worse than anyone else. We are all divine beings and we have so much to learn
from each other, and oftentimes our most valuable lessons will come from the most unlikely teachers.

Daenerys speaks Dorthraki with Khal Drogo 
(this link will take you to YouTube)

Never show off how much you know. You don't need to hide your knowledge and be afraid to share it, but you don't need to show off what you know. You know the saying-
Never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing--there will come the perfect time to share everything you know. (This has to be one of my favorite scenes!)
Dany with the Unsullied 

However the most important lesson from the Mother of Dragons-never ever stop believing in yourself. Even if everyone around you tells you something different. You are that writer, that artist, that singer. You are that amazing person that has so much to give to the world. Never stop believing that. Others will be there to try to stop you, from keeping you from stepping into the fire-step through it, even though every one is doubting you, never stop believing in yourself.
Dany stepping into the fire.

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