You're The One That I Want!!

In the summer of 1978-even writing that date seems several life times
ago- Grease appeared in Theaters. Growing up in small town Canon City,
there wasn't a whole lot of things do to keep us out of trouble, so
going to the movies with a group of friends was almost a weekly occurrence. One of the movies that premiered in the summer of 1978 was
Grease! By the time we got to the theater there weren't enough seats for
us all to sit together, if I remember correctly there were about 9 of us,  so we call sat on the floor in the front of the theater and no one had a problem with it-Can you imagine doing that

Watching the video below brought back to many happy
memories.  There are indeed advantages to growing up in a small town, as
there are advantages of growing up in the 60's, 70's and part of the
80's. We didn't have the internet, cell phones, video games and On
Demand. Oh how I miss those hot summer nights, but thank you to Sandy
and Danny for keeping those memories alive!

Share some of your summer memories back in the "olden days" in the comments below.

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