Investing In Your Self! can't begin to tell you the amount of money I have invested in business training. Some of those invests have paid off wonderfully, others, unfortunately, not so much. However, the best investment I ever made was becoming a member of  Leonie Dawson's Amazing Business and Life Academy. She has since changed her name from the Amazing Goddess Circle, but still, the benefits you will receive are nothing but AMAZING.

Leonie has created wonderful workshops to help you to create a better business, better home and most importantly a better you. The best part is that you work at your own pace and with groups of other members, going through the same triumphs and tragedies you are. The uplifting support is beyond the investment. Through my membership, I have connected with members from all over the world and not only has my businesses benefited, but most importantly I have received a return on investment for myself. I'm beginning a new phase in my life, that I would never have dreamed possible, had it not been without the support and masterminding I have received through members of the academy.

Leonie has kept her prices affordable at a yearly membership fee of $199. However, those prices are soon to go up to $497 in October! The investment is still well worth the $497, but if you want to become a member of one of the best business/life support sites around, this is your chance. If you opt in at the $199 price now, your membership will never go up! Thats what I love about Leonie!

Are you ready to invest in yourself! Now is the time to do it and I would love to share this journey with you!

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