Archelogical Expedition

Its not an archeological expedition that I would have loved to have gone on. You know the one where you have an opportunity to work in the hot, dusty, Egyptian desert to discover an unknown tomb filled with priceless treasures. No this expedition is a bit more closer to home and not as hot, but I am sure almost just as dusty.
If you follow us on Facebook-posted about this expedition this week-the journey into the closet. Now for most that may not seem like much of an adventure, but this walk in closet has not seen a light of day for years, I had even forgotten what color the carpet was.

As I am carrying moving everything out I am discovering an historical time line. A time line through labels of clothing and tucked away treasures. Its definitely a fashion shock for those you are up on the trendy styles, need I say shoulder pads anyone! And Oh My Goodness-its a Joan Crawford nightmare.(No More Wire Hangers!)

As I am finding the end to this journey, I am planning what to place on my walls as inspiration. Have some pirates of the Caribbean posters that need a home as well as a poster of the Hobbits-but more importantly I think I will search out fashion icons of the past-and definitely there will be a Carrie Bradshaw photo or two.

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