Thankful Thursday

Discovered this on a blog of a friend, where every Thursday is Thankful Thursday. I hope you will join us every week and share your Thankful Thursday. (click here to visit the Happiness Backpack)

Today I am thankful for:

A most glorious snow storm which gave us 7" of much needed moisture

Thankful to the myriad of colorful birds who come to our feeders and the joy we have in feeding them and watching them.

Thankful to our Loki-that he is doing better have his visit to the vet

Thankful for the reconnection of friends and looking forward to sharing that friendship

Thankful for a day with my husband home and nothing to do but share company.

Hope you will join in on the fun and lets share what we are thankful for and focus on gratitude.

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Jacs Elliott said...

Lovely gratitudes Dianne! Thanks for joining in and sharing the love! x