What is Your Happiness Project?

The internet creates a world of opportunities to reach out and connect with people across the world. It definitely,  opened a world of possibilities for my business, I never would have had if I had a brick and mortar storefront. The internet, with its wonderful opportunities to expand, also has given us overwhelm. There are countless experts telling you their way is the best way from business management to organization. Who do you listen to? I find myself subscribed to so many different 'gurus", especially on organization, that I find myself stuck and not doing anything, thinking I may miss out reading about the one method that will solve all of my problems.

Glancing through a magaine one day I read an article about Gretchen Rubin and her new book, The Happiness Project. Interesting sounding title and something worth looking into. We all want to be happy, so how do we do it. Intrigued and knowing this must be the way to happiness, I explored more. Through the FB page I found my accountability master. Someone to  remind me of my goals and I hers, and to cheer each other on.
Happiness Project

Posts I have shared in the past, illustrate my, shall we say eclectic method of home/business organization. Ok I admit it, I like stuff, lots and lots of stuff. However, when I am surrounded by a clutter free room, I am more relaxed. Go figure. Usually, I experience those clutter free rooms when my husband and I go away for the weekend. Unfortunately we are unable to do that every weekend.

I am involved in a great deal of projects, including Blanche's Place. I have recently let go of my part time teaching job-ack! now there is no excuse but to have an organized living and working environment. These many projects, remind me of my preschoolers, constantly yelling at me for attetnion,  each one demanding my full attention. When I stop for a bit to take care of one, another project is feeling neglected and begins to yell for attention, so I find myself in a constant loop or doing a little here and a little there and really completeing nothing.

You can read all the organizing books in the world, but if you are not a born organized person, then they may not work for you. I have found the following works pretty well for me. This bit of advice was taken from Marcia Francois of the Organizing Queen-Eat Your Frogs! Bascially that is write down three or four things you must get done that day and do nothing else until they are done. The does work pretty well, but with constant interruptions and fires to put out-those daily tasks may evolve into weekly tasks.

I recently discovered my Project Frogs!  I have several projects going on at the same time and often times find myself so overwhelmed I don't know where to start. I have also found that writing it down and sticking it on a bulletin board in front of my face, keeps me focused. When I find myself turning in circles, and I have actually caught myself doing that, I can stop, look at my list and pick something to work on. Some times I feel we think ourselves nuts.

Here is my Project Frogs for now. No deadline-when they get done they get done and then another is added.

#1 I am working on a present for my mom for her BD for Saturday-I HAVE to get that done (OK this one has a deadline)
I have piles and piles of papers and stuff-I quit my job as a preschool teacher and my car is full. I have been unable to empty it has I have no room in my house-

#2 I am setting up a big table in the living room and sorting papers and putting things away or throwing them-hopefully more throwing.
#3 laundry- at least one load a day.
#4 Ok I went to 4-I'm redoing my website-.
If you would care to join me in working on your happiness project-or just looking for inspiration and encouragement-FB me on Blanche's Place and lets conquer the world together.

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