Luke VS Edward? I pick Luke

Recently I have been discussing levels of nerdness with a lovely young lady ,about 15 years my junior. Interesting as to what is considered nerdy compared with the pop culture of today. Recently we have lost television icons. Not only wonderful actors, but  representatives of  a different time. A time now that seems far removed from today. Reading through my Google alerts, a found an article about a new Steampunk televison series. Now that does sound a bit interesting. I am sure it will be worth watching more than many of the reality shows that are on. As I was quickly skimming the article to find out more, I was stopped dead in my tracks. The series is being produced by Bruce Boxleitner. Not Bruce Boxleitner of Tron, but Bruce Boxleitner of How the West Was Won! Yes I am a proud, flag carrying How the West Was Won geek. Still have my scrap book filled with pictures but from every edition of Teen Beat (do they still print that magazine) any way, as time moves forward, I want to take a moment to look back, pay homage to great television and one hell of a sexy cowboy.

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