A visit with the Fae Folk

Deep in the forest sites a simple little house. A not so perfect round house, very much like a pumpkin, orange in color. From the chimney, which is very much shaped like the stem of any ordinary pumpkin, light grey smoke casually  drifts off into the forest, dissipating almost instantly.Inside of this quaint little house, deep in the forest, lives three members of the Fae folk. Fae folk you may ask? Well my dear, Fae Folk are the fairies of the Irish forests.
Image Detail Gooby, who is the youngest, is a darling of golden blond hair and sky blue eyes. When she smiles, which is often, her cheeks become rosy pink, not unlike the pink primroses that grow around this little house. Gooby loves to bake, and it is her, who the stove burns for and the smoke rises through the chimney. Chocolate chip cookies made with slivers of silver almonds await any and all who come to visit.

Sir William of the Snow, one of the bravest knights of the Fae Folk, spends his time now tending his garden. Sir William's hair is golden and silver grey eyes. Sir William is of a very serious nature, but when time allows, is the first to tease. With a sly, crooked smile, and a slight cock of his head, you wonder if you have been bested or not. Meandering and intertwined vines, heavy with deep purple reds and light green orbs, rest  upon  bent and crooked branches made into trellis. Green lettuce and sprawling potato plants promise a feast at harvest. However, Sir Williams greatest prize are his giant pumpkins, each one perfect in size and shape. It is these pumpkins that he spends his most time, guarding and protecting from others who would wish to snatch them away. These pumpkins are the gggggg grandchildren of the pumpkins that were grown over a 1000 years ago. The seeds each year are carefully harvested, dried, protected. Locked away in a secret, hidden chest, that only Sir William knows of the key. It is these pumpkins, that are carefully picked and cleaned that Gooby uses in her most delicious pumpkin pies.

Last but not least in this pumpkin shape house lives Dayla of the Day. A small sprite she is. Her golden brown hair rests on her shoulders, her eyes, large deep brown, filled with love and mirth. Dayla of the Day brings the beauty of the forest into their home. Dark green leaves are carefully picked and sewn into curtains for their windows. However, it is her tablecloths she is most famous for. Delicate petals of the flowers of the forests, primrose pinks, cardinal reds and stellar jay blues and  golden yellows are picked just as the dew of the morning, kisses each one in promise of a new day. Only picking the ones she needs and not being greedy, for a forest without any flowers is not place for the Fae Folk to be. Dayla of the Day, carefully chooses each small, delicate petal, and carefully sews with golden fairy thread. The only thread able to sew through flowers, to allow them to continue to be fresh and new, as with the first kiss of the morning dew.
It is in this house, deep in the forest, live the three Fae Folk. Unaware of time, stress and the constant rush to do more and be more. Today I wish I could live in the pumpkin shaped house, deep in the forest with the three Fae Folk. Tending a garden, sewing with golden fairy thread, and finishing it all off with chocolate chip cookies, with silver almonds. Care to join me?


Chelsea said...

While I love the description and the very fantastical feeling you've imbued, I think the biggest pitfall is that its too darn short. I want more, I want to know how Sir William became a night, how they ended up in the house together, all of it.

Additionally, its a description of this home and the occupants, but there's no rising action, no climax, no story. I think you have a LOT to work with here, something that can be *amazing*, but I think you need to flesh it out more.

Either way, an awesome beginning and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Jana said...

What a pleasant story! I do so wish I had a pumpkin house in the forest to spend my days and end it with cookies! That would just be too nice :) Enjoyed your story, very well writen.

ps: one of the photos overlaps the text in one section, will check later to get the details I missed!

Tiffany said...

I absolutely love this little tale. It's so descriptive that I feel like I can just walk into a forest and find these friendly Fae folk. I would definitely love to join you!