A Return To Elegance

With the wedding of Prince William and Kate

Middleton, we can only hope to see a return to elegance. For the last 14 years, since the death of Diana, we have been without a female role model as an inspiration to expire to. I was the same age of Diana when she married Price Charles, and for most young girls at the time, she brought us  elegance, grace, and style. She was on virtually every magazine cover since her marriage and even after her death. Now when you glace over these same fashion magazines, what do you see?

Kate Middleton, in my opinion, has conducted herself as a Princess long before she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. We can only hope young women will  now choose her as a role model to emulate and themselves, be the beginning of bringing, grace, elegance, and being a lady back into style.


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

I think it's a great idea when trying to define personal style, to identify the words you want your style to reflect.

It sounds like, for you, "elegance", "grace" and "ladylike" might be important words. And Kate Middleton is a great role model for those words.

My style words are soft, gentle, flowing, and sweet. The Jane Austen movies come to mind, but I have not yet thought of a modern-day role model.


Eleanor said...

Totally agree, young women now seem to miss out on the elegance and grace part,

K. L. Stewart said...

What has happened to style? You are absolutely right! I like elegant style, and would prefer it to the sleazy, trashy clothes that are worn on today's magazine covers. A truly alluring woman can remain so when fully clothed.

Blanche said...

Thanks K.L. for replying. We can only hope to make a change my leading by example. It would be so nice to start a trend on just taking a little bit of extra time to look our best before walking out that front door