Your children are a reflection of you. Make sure its a good one!

Our children are a reflection of ourselves, whether we wish to see it or not. Not only in looks but also temperament, ideals, values and so much more. Your daughter can have her mother's eyes and hair, in fact be a carbon copy of her mother, but she is her father's girl in so many more ways. Your son, tall, blond and blue eyes, he  is daddy's boy! Look again, he possesses his mother's soul and the same earning for more. We can't really see past the physical similarities until the kids are older, on their own and in fact their own people. Think now, as your children are young, what attributes would you want to see in them as adults? Honest, kind, confident, considerate, patient, understanding? If so then exhibit these traits yourself. They really learn what you do, not what you say. Be the example you need to be.

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Roz K Walker said...

These words are so true! Our children are definitely reflections of ourselves. I see it every day in my children. So, as you said, I have to be the example I need to be... What a great reminder.