The Richest Man or Woman In Bedford Falls!

 It just wouldn't be Christmas without spending it with George Bailey and the rest of the residents of Bedford Falls.

The Bedford Falls Sentinel - An It's a Wonderful Life BlogWe first meet George Baily, as he is picking up his suitcase from Mr. Gower's store, looking forward to all the places he is going to visit on his world wide travels.

  I think we all had grand plans when we started adult life. I know I did!  We were going to travel around the world and explore the places we   read about in books. We were going to write the great American novel, we were going to be a rock star, a movie star or any countless types of stars. Some of us did become those stars, most of us didn't-not necessarily the stars we thought we would be, but the stars that make a difference.

George gave up his dreams after the death of his father, staying to keep the Building and Loan out of the hands of the greedy Mr. Potter.  Many of us, gave up dreams for family, husbands and children. We made compromises for others and often feel we missed out-we missed our time.

However, once Clarence, the angel, enters the picture, and shows George how life would haven been like if he had never been born, he sees for himself the amazing impact he had  on so many lives. So many lives that would have been very different had it not been for George Bailey.

Each day,  we should  take into consideration the impact we may have on others, even though we may not see that impact immediately.

 We  have no idea  how much we touch other's lives, and the differences we do make.

Our impact can be as simple as a kind word of encouragement,  volunteering to help our youth, or becoming involved in a favorite charity. Taking the time to make a difference, no matter how small.

Let us, each one of us, in 2017, strive to be the George Bailey's of the world, the richest man, or woman in Bedford Falls.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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