I'm Curious, What is Wrong With Being A Princess?

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGW9Em10438J2_364YmLQ2S3GpEPk9iVpDYN2XYR48cORgJh7sswJust finished scanning through one of the many blogs I am subscribed to. Usually I delete if the headline doesn't immediately grab my attention. I read a little closer this time as I wanted to make sure if I wanted to simply delete or unsubscribe
As I was scanning, the author's words caught my attention. Her four year old daughter was not allowed to watch Disney Princess movies! Yes I know, letting your daughter watch princess movies will only make her able to function in society if she has a man (prince) to save the day. Really!!
I don't' know, I never once saw the Disney Princesses being helpless. Yes a prince usually saved the day, but there were also dwarves, fairy godmothers and cute forest critters!
But what about the princesses being kind, smart, gentle. Aren't those traits you would like your daughter to possess?
My daughter grew up with and loved the Disney movies, and I can tell you she is anything but a helpless female needing a prince to save the day.
So as I finished reading the post, I decided to not delete the email, I unsubscribed.


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