Creating A Goddess Haven! Are You In?

I enjoy the relationships one can develop in the cyber world. I have met some of the most incredible people from across the globe. We share our passions, our triumphs and our struggles.

 December of last year, I was introduced to the Goddess Circle, by another one of my friends who lives in South Africa. The Goddess Circle, was created, but the soulful, Leonie Dawson who lives in Australia.
I joined mostly for the business courses, but found so much more. I found a community of incredible women, each working with each other to support, advice and cheer each other on. I entered into an amazing Mastermind group that meets every Tuesday on Skype. Members are from all corners of the globe, the UK, Brazil, Chicago and Ireland (in fact Halina lives on 4 1/2hours from where my ancestors lived)

Leonie  developed some amazing courses that have inspired me, and moved me forward,  not only in my business, but in my every day life. Leonie's courses come from such a unique perspective that it is impossible not to be as enthused as she is.
Starting March 1st  The Create Your Goddess Haven course begins. This six week course will take you through the steps to create your Goddess Haven in your home. I've read thorough the first few weeks and the exercises are amazing and not so rigid as many of those other declutter courses. I am looking forward to this next adventure with my fellow goddesses as we work together to create the haven we all dream about.

I am planning on sharing the process-at first some of the pictures will be scary, however, I know, a transformation will take place and I am looking forward to this journey. I hope you will join me. If you decide you are interested in taking part of this 6 week course I've included a link below for you.

Yes I want to create a Goddess Haven.

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