Dream Your Dreams

We all have dreams, some of them small, some of them huge. No matter what, we should never give up on those dreams. There will be naysayers and those who will tell you you can't. But its those, who should give us the most inspiration to persevere and full fill those dreams.
I am working on creating a history presentation for 1912. There is so much information to share and finding the right combination of facts and fun, is frustrating. However, my biggest road block right now is having the faith in myself to bring this to an audience. Many of you may have watched the following video, but it is inspiring, empowering no matter how many times you watch it. If this woman, filled with the belief in herself,could take her dream to an audience what is stopping the rest of us from making dreams a reality.
Happy Friday and keep dreaming..........
Share your dreams and watch them unfold.........................................

Dream Your Dreams (Click Here to Watch This Video)

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