Our House Aint Much-Thank God for the Landscaping!

Like the title states, our house aint much. We need a new foundation, new windows, new stucco, new paint. The only thing we don't need is a new roof which thanks to a hail storm we were able to have repaired about 3 years ago. Although our house needs so much, we thank God every day for the landscaping.

Now that we no longer own dogs, I have taken upon my self to get to know our local squirrels, tree rats and now Tree People.They have moved up the ladder. Over the summer I have enjoyed putting out food for them, having them eat our of my hand, and as fall and winter approached, watching them get fat.

However, they still expect to have their peanuts, not matter what the weather may be like out side.

So slipping on my slippers and finding the broom, I swept a path for my Tree Friend to come down and eat his peanuts that were placed in a bowl on the steps of the porch.Within moments, our snow blanketed yard, was awash in flashing colors of blues, blacks and whties, as Scrub Jays and Magpies, joined the squirrels in their midday feast.

Later in the afternoon, our little buck returned. At first he was startled as I stepped out to snap his picture. He posed and then took a few steps forward looking for food. He buried his head into the 8" of snow, where my stone Mate usually is, filled with birdseed. However, today it was buried deep in snow. He waited for me to step into the house, fill up a bowl of bird seed, add and apple and munched happily away as I watched from the window.

Like I said in the beginning, our house ain't much, but I thank God everyday for the landscaping!

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