Clutter Control For the Collector

I have spent so much time and money reading ways to get organized. One of the first bits of advice you will always find from the "experts" of clutter control, is to eliminate that clutter. Throw it, chuck it, fill up the land fills. I'm sorry that bit of thinking just doesn't work for me. A bit of advice, within the first page, from one of those "Clutter Control Experts" was that if you happened to be carrying around in your wallet a "Howdy Duty Membership card " from the 1950's , get rid of it! Excuse me! Do you know how much that card may be worth. Needless to say that book went back to the library immediately.
I'm a collector. A collector of many, many, many, things. My interests are also many and varied, explaining why I have too much stuff. I will never have a home clutter free and with the bare essentials. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have only one item per shelf. To those who are organized, clutter free freaks of nature, I salute you, but I can't become you, so I have decided to pursue to art of Clutter Control of Collectors.

Join me on this journey of discovery as we learn from each other, share tips and advice and find time to laugh at ourselves, and realize we are wonderfully interesting, healthy individuals, with varied interests that occupy our minds, hearts, and yes our homes.
So what do you collect?


Anonymous said...

Thank God: Someone of my "ilk". I,
like you have tons of clutter, but
if I throw any of it away, I'll need it the next day. One of my grandchildren will need that certain "obscure" thing for a school project. I ALSO am a collec-
tor...of many things from Egyptian
antiquities to movie history col- lectibles. I bask in my collection
of "stuff". My kids frown on my collecting habits, especially since my current wardrobe exists in only ONE closet! But God, it sure is fun getting something in the mail, and knowing it's SPECIAL!

Blanche aka Dianne Hartshorn said...

I have kept things for over 20 years and then in a moment of insanity, another word for cleaning, I will throw it away and lo and behold I will need it. My kids are grown so not too worried about items for school projects, but I also teach preschool and Lord some of the things we can make out of '"trash"