Victorian Hats and Hair Adornments

Thank you to Denise Nadine Design for sharing these wonderful sources for hats and hair adornments.

Looking through these links is a wonderful source for historic research or just to gaze and drool over these wonderful creations.

The NYPL digital gallery has thousands of images from magazines and other sources for just about anything from the past. It is quite a collection.
Additionally, if you look under hats there are lots of evening adornments to browse.
Denise Winter
Denise Nadine Design - Historical Clothing & Costume
(719) 592-1648
The first link takes you to somewhere in the alphabetical index. You can search for all kinds of things and even by geographic are. Say for instance that if there was an Egyptian ball, one could search for what people were wearing in the Victorian era in Egypt.
These other links go to hairstyles and adornments.

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