October News

Happy October!
It is the first of the month and that means new designs and sales items are posted on the site. Please click the link below to view the new items and place your order.
Please remember if you are wishing to place an order for a regular priced item from our Recollections collection please call us directly and place your order. Please be sure and request the 15% discount.

Wishing to dress up with a bit of flair without spending a fortune on a Victorian blouse? The Victorians were famous for being fakers. They used lace jabots to replace full lace blouses and even fake hair to give the impression of those large Victorian hair styles so many of us envy today. In honoring the tradition of Victorian ingenuity, we have available lace cuffs. Just slip around your wrists to add a touch of elegance to any long sleeve blouse.

Wishing all a safe and blessed harvest season! The leaves in Colorado have not disappointed us in turning on their brilliant golds, reds and oranges. We are blessed with exceptional fall weather to enjoy one of the prettiest times of the year.

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