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Blanches Place began with a dream of creating more than just another webstore. A decade later, I hope, to you our customers that dream is a reality. My involvement in historical recreations allowed me to be able to experience the fashions and etiquette of a time long gone. When men were gentleman and woman were ladies. In this day of rushing from one obligation to another, have we forgotten what it feels like to surround ourselves with the elegance and romance we so richly deserve.
In my search of companies to introduce to my customers, Nataya Edwardian Inspired dresses, was one of my greatest finds.

her bio

Whenever Nataya’s marvelous creations are on display, a mist of wonder hangs in the air. A myriad of details sprinkle the dress and yet it all appears airy light while blending Belle Epoch, Baroque, and oriental ornaments, what connoisseurs acclaim as “Wearable Art”. From Ann Hathaway to Katie Holmes, some of the world’s most discerning women have shined in Nataya.

At an early age Nataya showed broad artistic inclinations. At 11 she was making her first dresses from handy materials and accessories. Interiors are also an art and an inspiration to her, all carefully dotted with her own paintings.

Her life began in a remote corner of the globe, in Tashkent, then the capital of the Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan. From architecture to craftsmanship, the place was a rare fusion of the Western European, Russian, and Oriental influences.

After settling in California as a teenager and having indulged in a number of art forms, Nataya finally found her strongest calling in bringing art and passion to women’s attire - seeking to fully unlock the glow of every woman and to make every woman exude inspiration to herself and others. Nataya, an every day Wearable Art fashion phenomenon, was born.

In recent years Nataya has been dividing her time between Paris, Rome, and Los Angeles courting the muse in the fabric of beauty of France, Italy, and California to the every day delight of women everywhere.

Nataya designs brought romantic elegance alive for our many brides and bridal parties. Make an unforgettable impression at your next function, tea or any occasion where you want to be that step above the ordinary.

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