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Los Angeles (E! Online) – Whose farewell scored more viewers: Michael Jackson's or Princess Diana's?

The answers—and more questions—in this week's ratings quiz:

1. Michael Jackson or Princess Diana? Diana, but it was very close. According to Nielsen Media Research, nearly 31 million people caught yesterday's live coverage of the Jackson memorial. Princess Di's funeral drew 33.3 million in 1997. Remarkably, Diana pulled in her audience from only eight networks, compared to the whopping 19 that carried the Jackson memorial.

Considering that Diana's funeral was aired on only 8 networks vs the 19 on Michael Jackson's I would say the Princess won hands done. The comparison's of out pouring of mourning between the two was unbelievable. I was very glad to see that coverage for Diana was larger than Michael Jackson's-all I can say there is still hope in this world for what is good and decent.

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