Going on An Archelogical Dig!!!

My daughter Angela, who is attending Adams State College in Alamosa is quite the history buff-a chip of the old block but don't tell her that! Anyway she is blessed to have a professor who loves history and encourages participation in bringing history to life. In addition to a military history reenactment class she is taking, where she actually gets a shoot a cannon she will be going on a dig in Chaco Canyon later this summer and has asked me to come along!
Digging is one of my great passions, whether its dump digging or looking for arrowheads or digging for rocks there is nothing I enjoy more and to go where native American people lived 1000's years ago is a dream come true-not to mention I will be doing this with Angela. I am so excited!
Well now comes the bad news! I have to get in shape. This may prove a challenge in more ways than one. Exercise and working out are NOT one of my passions and due to the fact I shattered my leg a couple of years ago and still have the hardware in my leg may prove difficult at best. I need to get a plan together and see where this takes me. I need to do this anyway so this a great excuse and great motivation.

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